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World Business Web Mission and Services

The mission and goals of the World Business Web network (WBW) is to provide market information exchange platform between companies around the world thus helping them develop and internationalize their businesses for long term development and growth. To achieve our mission and goals, we make also business related services available through WBW website network to assist the web site users to connect with each other, exchange business information, find opportunities for business development and growth, develop their knowledge about international markets and improve the business and social environment locally and globally all over the world.

I. To help Business Development and internationalization efforts of companies all around the world.

1. Internationalization Motivation and Goals:

  • New Market Development
  • New product Development
  • Market Penetration
  • New Products and new Markets

2. Strategic Alliances and Channels of Market Entry:

  • Marketing Distribution Agreements
  • Product in- and out-licensing
  • Joint Ventures
  • Franchise
  • Direct export/import

II. To help the development and emergence of New Business Ventures.

  • Entrepreneurship and New Businesses Creation
  • Outsourcing and in-sourcing R&D for Innovation and New Product Development
  • Intra-firm Entrepreneurship and Product Portfolio Innovation

III. To help businesses grow by providing Business Consulting and analysis (Premium).

1. Management and strategy consulting by modeling and simulation:

  • Market Potential modeling and forecasting
  • PESTLE scenarios and risk factors modeling and forecasting (opportunities and threats of the local environment)
  • Dynamic Strategy Solutions (modeling product market complexity and marketing strategy optimization)
  • Managerial Dynamic Capabilities Development (customized and general training in-house and through the web)

The management and strategy consulting services are offered through the WBW partner Please follow this link to get more information about their expertise and offers.

2. Financial Consulting (service expected to be active in the near future)

  • Export and import credit consulting (trade finance instruments)
  • Investment financing/banking
  • New business ventures financing

3. Legal Consulting (service expected to be active in the near future)

  • Local Legislation framework analysis
  • Legal counseling and local business representation
  • Juridical and Procedural representation

4. Conducting PESTLE Surveys and markets monitoring:

  • International Business Monitor information service
  • Distributing feedback analysis among WBW network members.

IV. Provide platform channel for WBW members to promote and advertise their services within the network (Premium).

  • Members’ businesses promotion by live and recorded web presentations and web events like e-conferences, e-seminars, e-meetings etc.
  • Advertising by short text messages and/or by banner placement in the network.