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The WBW network provides its members an unique opportunity to get access and exchange international market information:

WBW members have also the opportunity to participate in the PESTLE Surveys (Market Environment Surveys TM) and Country Markets Monitoring service (World Business Monitor TM information service) and can benefit from getting free feedback results to optimize their market strategy and decision making.

WBW Business Information service helps making the right investment decisions by providing rigorous dynamic analysis of the resource and demand conditions in the relevant country, industry structure and competition, and supporting local industries as in the Porter Diamond below. Critical is also the dynamic analysis of political, economical, societal, technological, legal and ethical factors which provide the opportunities and threats of the local market environment, and which should be matched to company strengths and weaknesses position.

WBW Business Information service can provide also access the the following:

Trade and Financial Information:

  • Export and import trade finance and credit consulting (trade finance instruments)
  • Investment financing/banking
  • New business ventures financing

Legal Information:

  • Local Legislation framework analysis
  • Legal counseling and local business information
  • Juridical and Procedural representation